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Looking for something to do on Event Smart Ticketing? Featured Events includes fun and interesting events ticketing, such as Events, Concerts, Sports, flight reservation, Buses tickets and more..

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     Tickets App

  • Browse events
  • Purchase tickets
  • Resell your event tickets
  • Request tickets for sold out or hard to find events
  • Access all your purchased tickets
  • Turn by turn navigation to your event

     Event Entry App

  • Browse your created events
  • Check-in tickets by QR Code
  • Check-in tickets by barcode
  • Check-in tickets by ticket number
  • Check-in tickets by patrons name
  • Remotely see how many people are checked in to your event

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Event Smart Ticketing Solutions makes Ticketing better with daily payouts , high touch customer service, and user-friendly software to sell tickets online

user-friendly software to sell tickets online


We know that organizing an event is not an easy task at all. We are here to help you and we will try to make the whole process at least easier for you. We want you to succeed!


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